Meet the Artist

Drew and his wife Ali

Drew Sugarman

I think the inclination to create something new is the highest human impulse - over the years I have found an outlet for that creative spark in the form of wire wrapping, painting, digital art and experimenting with what I can stencil and sandblast!

My painting, digital art and jewelry comes from an improvisational state of flow - there is typically little to no "planning" involved - whatever arises in the moment ends up on the canvas and I am always experimenting and trying new things. It is my hope to give birth to creations that cause folks to stop what they are thinking and dive into simply experiencing the moment at hand... Anything that can cause us to stop "doing" and merely witness.

Not only do I enjoy creating and appreciating artwork; I also love wearing it! I created Astral Dreams Goods and Apparel in order to make my digital creations available in the form of unique T-Shirts and Apparel for other individuals who feel the same way. Whether you are looking for something to unique to lounge in at home or something stunning to rock at your next festival, it is my hope that at least one of my creations speaks to you!